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Scottish law firm to provide Sharia advice service

Glasgow based solicitors Hamilton Burns has become the first in Scotland to offer clients advice on Sharia law alongside other legal services.

The service, allows clients to receive guidance from both a Muslim lawyer fully trained in Scottish law and a Sharia scholar.

The firm offers Islamic guidance on areas of civil and family law such as divorce and child custody,

The company aim to provide clients with as much relevant information as possible to assist them in making the right choices. Clients will be able to see a Muslim lawyer who is fully trained in Scots law at the same time as they consult a sharia scholar who is an expert in Islamic law. It will be the first time such a service has been offered in Scotland.

In England and Wales Sharia ‘courts’ have been able to rule on civil disputes since the Arbitration Act 1996. The courts, which usually apply Islamic law in family and financial disputes, can have their rulings upheld by civil courts.


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