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£11.15 Million Personal Injury settlement highest ever

The award of £11.15 million to Wasim Mohammed is thought to be the highest ever personal injury compensation settlement in the UK.

Mr Mohammed from Walsall, is to receive a personal injury compensation payout worth a total of £11.15 million, after being left paralysed following a car crash accident in 2006.

Mr Mohammed, who is now 22, was a passenger in a car involved in a collision when the driver tried to overtake at a junction and then hit another vehicle which was turning right. He suffered a broken neck plus damage to his spinal cord. He now has no movement in his legs and very little function in his arms.

The driver was convicted of careless driving and Mr Mohammed used personal injury lawyers to help him obtain his compensation settlement.

The case was due to be heard in Birmingham County Court this week but was settled out-of-court.

The compensation settlement will provide Mr Mohammed with a lump sum of £4.25 million and he will also receive annual payments of £235,000. The large payout is based on the extreme suffering and impact on the victim’s life and the long-term care costs involved, as well as loss of earnings and other factors.

Daniel Herman, a catastrophic injury specialist at Stewarts Law, based in Leeds, assisted Mr Mohammed in the case.


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