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How a psychologist helped win the Open

A small red spot on the glove of golfer Louis Oosthuizen is credited with playing a critical role in his winning of The Open Championship at St Andrews last Sunday.

The idea for the red dot on golfers glove, came from a sports psychologist who was employed to help the golfer improve his concentration when playing. This indicates the growing importance of psychological techniques in competitive sports.

Karl Morris, a North west based sports psychologist was asked to help the golfer improve his concentration before starting his swing, thius had been identified as a weak part of his game.

Mr Morris designed the glove with the red dot to help the 27-year-old South African concentrate on his swing in the crucial moments leading up to a shot.

Psychologist educate sporting professionals to use mental imagery that allows them to rehearse a game in their heads, including psychological blocking techniques that stop them from dwelling on past mistakes.

In this case it was a simple dot on his glove that gave him focus and the Champions trophy.


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