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Expert witness investigates infection outbreak

A hospital’s handling of an elderly victim of  deadly superbug C Diff, was described as “lamentable” by expert witness Annette Jeanes.

Mrs Jeanes, an infection control expert, was giving evidence at an inquiry into an outbreak of C Diff, which saw 55 people contract the infection and 18 subsequently die at the Vale of Leven hospital between December 2007 and June 2008.

One woman contacted C diff three times after four months in hospital, and was eventually transferred to a nursing home.

Mrs Jeanes criticised the hospital’s handover of patients from the Vale of Leven to a Nursing Home, where one discharge letter simply read ‘24-hour nursing care required’ and gave no account of the patient’s multiple health problems or of any treatments she had while in hospital.

Mrs Jeanes stated that the letter reflected poor practice and a lack of understanding of the requirements of the patient and the nursing home.

For nursing staff to simply put ‘24 hour nursing care required’ was lamentable and very poor practice.

Mrs Jeanes was asked by the inquiry to review hospital records of 10 victims of the C Diff outbreak


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