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Prime Minister stresses cross-border solution in speech at the London Conference on Cyberspace…

The London Conference on Cyberspace, 1-2 November, was hosted by the UK Foreign Office with support from Chatham House and the International Chamber of Commerce.
The conference brought together internet experts and cyber security practitioners from governments, the private-sector, and NGOs around the world. Speakers include William Hague, Foreign Secretary, UK; Joe Biden, Vice-President, USA; Jimmy Wales, Co-founder, Wikipedia; and Carl Bildt, Foreign Minister, Sweden.
From potential cyber attacks on intelligence information and infrastructure to intellectual property rights and copyright infringement, the evolving cyber security vulnerabilities of governments, businesses, and individuals provided the main themes for the conference.
David Cameron stressed a cross-border solution in his address:
“We have come together to tackle cyber crime. This costs the UK an estimated £27 billion a year. Globally, it’s as much $1 trillion. It costs just 69p – about the price of a song on iTunes – to buy someone’s credit card information online. Cyber criminals have their own ‘online shopping websites’ where they can buy and sell stolen credit card details in just the same way you’d buy a book from Amazon.”
And threats come not just from criminal gangs. Every day we are seeing attempts on an industrial scale to steal valuable information from individuals and companies. Britain will shortly set out a new approach for better online security, crime prevention and public awareness. But a cross-border problem needs cross-border solutions, which is why the world needs to act together.”

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