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LGC experts prove key forensic evidence in Stephen Lawrence case

A team of scientists at Forensic Science company LGC were vital in determining the truth the Stephen Lawrence case. They were asked to "start again from scratch" in working to uncover evidence against whoever killed Mr Lawrence.

They carried out months of painstaking research before DS Alan Taylor and forensic scientist Rosalyn Hammond undertook the vital task of making sure forensic evidence had not been compromised through contamination.

The team at LGC took a much wider approach than had been adopted before. When examinations were carried out in 1993, it was believed that any textile fibres would have fallen off the suspects' clothes in the two weeks between the killing and their first arrest. Also it was believed that blood stains and/or hairs also had to be of a certain minimum size for DNA profiling to be carried out.

But after successful convictions in a number of cold cases, detectives realised that starting from the very beginning could yield results. Many of these cases have had reviews over time but quite often they're with a presumption that if nothing's been found the items aren't re-examined. The thoroughness of LGC and improvements in DNA profiling technology and methodology, have reversed this thought and provided justice. 


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